†tribe Anoriostomatini Frýda and Farrell 2005 (snail)

Gastropoda - Murchisoniina - Porcelliidae

Full reference: J. Frýda and J. R. Farrell. 2005. Systematic position of two Early Devonian sinistral heterostrophic gastropods from the Garra Limestone, New South Wales. Alcheringa 29(2):229-240

Parent taxon: Agnesiinae according to J. Frýda and J. R. Farrell 2005

Sister taxa: Agnesia, Alaskiella, Anoriostoma, Antitrochus, Enantiostoma, Hesperiella, Koneprusellia, Krolmusium, Paragnesia, Pauquysia, Pernericirrus, Perryconcha, Sasakiela, Trochagnesia

Subtaxa: none

Type: Anoriostoma

Ecology: facultatively mobile epifaunal suspension feeder

Distribution: there are no occurrences of Anoriostomatini in the database

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