†suborder Ophiacodontia Romer and Price 1940 (pelycosaur)

Osteichthyes - Pelycosauria

Full reference: A. S. Romer and L. I. Price. 1940. Review of the Pelycosauria. Geological Society of America Special Paper 28:1-538

Parent taxon: Pelycosauria according to O. W. M. Kuhn 1966

See also Haubold 1971, Huene 1954, Ivakhnenko 2008, Kuhn 1946, Lewis and Vaughn 1965, Olson 1966 and Romer and Price 1940

Sister taxa: Caseamorpha, Echinerpeton, Edaphosauria, Lupeosaurus, Milosaurus, Nitosaurus, Protoclepsydrops, Xyrospondylus

Subtaxa: Tetraceratopsidae Varanopoidea

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Distribution: found only at Placerville Locality 15 + 16 ( of Colorado)

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