†order Cycloneritimorpha Bandel and Frýda 1999

Gastropoda - Cycloneritimorpha

Full reference: K. Bandel and J. Frýda. 1999. Notes on the evolution and higher classification of the subclass Neritimorpha (Gastropoda) with the description of some new taxa. Geologica et Palaeontologica 33(2):219-235

Parent taxon: Neritimorpha according to A. Nützel and C. Ketwetsuriya 2016

See also Bandel 2007, Bandel and Frýda 1999, Blodgett et al. 2001 and Bouchet et al. 2005

Sister taxon: Cyrtoneritimorpha

Subtaxa: Helicinoidea Hydrocenoidea Naticopsoidea Neritoina Symmetrocapuloidea

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