†suborder Dromasauria Broom 1907 (reptile)

Reptilia - Theromorpha

Alternative spelling: Dromaeosauri

Full reference: R. Broom. 1907. On Some New Fossil Reptiles from the Karroo Beds of Victoria West, South Africa. Transactions of the South African Philosophical Society 18:31-42

Parent taxon: Theromorpha according to O. Kuhn 1946

See also Broom 1907, Broom 1913, Carroll 1988, Gregory 1910, Huene 1954, Jaekel 1911, Nopcsa 1923, Roxo 1937 and Swinton 1934

Sister taxa: Eotherapsida, Poliosauria, Protodonta, Styracocephalia

Subtaxa: Galechiridae Macroscelesauridae

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Distribution: there are no occurrences of Dromasauria in the database

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