†infraorder Venyukovioidea Watson and Romer 1956 (reptile)

Reptilia - Anomodontia

Alternative spellings: Venjukovioidea, Venjukovioidea, Venjukovoidea

Full reference: D. M. S. Watson and A. S. Romer. 1956. A Classification of Therapsid Reptiles. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 114(2):35-89

Parent taxon: Anomodontia according to J. Fröbisch and R. R. Reisz 2011

Sister taxa: Anomocephaloidea, Anomocephalus, Aulacocephalodon, Bainia, Biseridens, Biseridensidae, Chainosauria, Cryptodontidae, Diaelurodon, Dicynodontia, Dicynodontia, Dicynodontiformes, Emydochampsa, Otsheriidae, Prodicynodon, Therosuchia, Ulemicia, Venyukovioidea

Subtaxa: none

Ecology: herbivore


• Severodvinian of the Russian Federation (6 collections)

• Permian of the Russian Federation (7), United States (2: Texas)

Total: 15 collections each including a single occurrence

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