Family Andrenidae Latreille 1802 (bee)

Insecta - Hymenoptera - Andrenidae

Alternative spelling: Andreninae

Full reference: P. A. Latreille. 1802. Histoire Naturelle, Générale et Particulière des Crustacés et des Insectes, Tome Troisième 1-467

Parent taxon: Anthophila according to M. Sann et al. 2018

See also Brothers 1999, Dehon et al. 2014, Dewulf and Engel 2014, Engel 2001, Engel 2005 and Zeuner and Manning 1976

Sister taxa: Apidae, Colletidae, Halictidae, Megachilidae, Melittidae, Stenotritidae

Subtaxa: Andrena Andrenopteryx Lithandrena Pelandrena

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Type: Andrena



• Miocene of the Dominican Republic (1 collection), Germany (1)

• Oligocene of France (1)

• Eocene of the Russian Federation (1), United States (8: Colorado)

Total: 12 collections including 15 occurrences

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