Subfamily Desmodontinae Bonaparte 1845 (leaf-nosed bat)

Mammalia - Chiroptera - Phyllostomidae

Alternative spelling: Desmodontidae

Parent taxon: Phyllostomidae according to L. O. Salles et al. 2006

See also Cope 1889 and Kurten and Anderson 1980

Sister taxa: Carolliinae, Glossophaginae, Lophostoma, Micronycteris, Phyllostominae, Stenodermatinae, Trachops, Brachyphylla, Macrotus, Notonycteris, Phyllostomatinae, Lonchophylla

Subtaxa: Desmodus

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Ecology: volant omnivore


• Quaternary of Brazil (2 collections), United States (11: Arizona, California, Florida, New Mexico, West Virginia), Venezuela (2)

Total: 15 collections including 18 occurrences

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