Pholadomya aubryi Douville 1886 (clam)

Bivalvia - Pholadomyida - Pholadomyidae

Full reference: H. Douville. 1886. Examen des fossiles rapportes du Choa par M. Aubry [Examination of the fossils brought from Choa by M. Aubry]. Bulletin de la Societe Geologique de France 14:223-241

Belongs to Pholadomya according to Douville 1886

Sister taxa: Pholadomya (Bucardiomya), Pholadomya (Pholadomya), Pholadomya (Triplicosta), Pholadomya acuminata, Pholadomya adversa, Pholadomya albertensis, Pholadomya altumbonata, Pholadomya borealis, Pholadomya candida, Pholadomya cardissoides, Pholadomya carinata, Pholadomya claibornensis, Pholadomya clementina, Pholadomya collombi, Pholadomya connectans, Pholadomya corbuloides, Pholadomya cuneiformis, Pholadomya cupressensis, Pholadomya decussata, Pholadomya diegoensis, Pholadomya distorta, Pholadomya elongata, Pholadomya esmarcki, Pholadomya esmarki, Pholadomya falconensis, Pholadomya gigantea, Pholadomya granulifera, Pholadomya gronlandica, Pholadomya harrigani, Pholadomya hians, Pholadomya hulenana, Pholadomya inaequiplicata, Pholadomya incurvata, Pholadomya kernensis, Pholadomya laeviuscula, Pholadomya lagenalis, Pholadomya lirata, Pholadomya lorica, Pholadomya margaritata, Pholadomya marylandica, Pholadomya mclearni, Pholadomya miocenica, Pholadomya mori, Pholadomya munita, Pholadomya murrayensis, Pholadomya nasuta, Pholadomya nevadana, Pholadomya nitanae, Pholadomya nonaimensis, Pholadomya occidentalis, Pholadomya orbiculata, Pholadomya oregonensis, Pholadomya orientalis, Pholadomya ovalis, Pholadomya parahybensis, Pholadomya paucicosta, Pholadomya pedernalis, Pholadomya percarinata, Pholadomya phaseolus, Pholadomya pleuromyaeformis, Pholadomya puschi, Pholadomya qinghaiensis, Pholadomya quenstedti, Pholadomya ragazzii, Pholadomya ragsdalei, Pholadomya rigacci, Pholadomya roemeri, Pholadomya russelli, Pholadomya sanctaecrucis, Pholadomya shattucki, Pholadomya sonorensis, Pholadomya stefaninii, Pholadomya subelongata, Pholadomya sublirata, Pholadomya subventricosa, Pholadomya valangiensis, Pholadomya vasellii, Pholadomya vaticana, Pholadomya vignesi, Pholadomya walli

Type specimen: Its type locality is Hatchamie, which is in a Callovian shallow subtidal limestone in Ethiopia

Ecology: facultatively mobile deep infaunal suspension feeder


• Jurassic of Ethiopia (2 collections), Saudi Arabia (13), Somalia (3)

Total: 18 collections each including a single occurrence

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