†unranked clade Euornithocheira Unwin 2003 (pterosaur)

Reptilia - Pterosauria

Full reference: D. M. Unwin. 2003. On the phylogeny and evolutionary history of pterosaurs. Evolution and Palaeobiology of Pterosaurs, Geological Society of London, Special Publications 217:139-190

Parent taxon: Ornithocheiroidea according to D. M. Unwin 2003

Sister taxa: Anhanguera, Anhangueridae, Azhdarchoidea, Brasileodactylus, Cearadactylus, Guidraco, Istiodactylus, Liaoningopterus, Lonchodectes, Longchengpterus, Ludodactylus, Nurhachius, Ornithocheirus, Ornithodesmus, Piksi, Pteranodontoidea, Tropeognathus

Subtaxa: none

Ecology: volant piscivore

Distribution: found only at Barnes High locality (Wealden) (Cretaceous of the United Kingdom)

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