Pinna (Pinna) Linnaeus 1758 (oyster)

Bivalvia - Ostreida - Pinnidae

Parent taxon: Pinna according to A. Scholz et al. 2008

See also Grant and Gale 1931 and Yamani 1982

Sister taxa: Pinna (Sulcatopinna), Pinna alborzica, Pinna ampla, Pinna arata, Pinna barrowsi, Pinna bicolor, Pinna calamitoides, Pinna carnea, Pinna cawcawensis, Pinna confutsiana, Pinna constantini, Pinna cordata, Pinna credneri, Pinna cretacea, Pinna decussata, Pinna deltodes, Pinna deshayesi, Pinna dolosoniensis, Pinna folium, Pinna freneixae, Pinna gravida, Pinna incurva, Pinna kawhiana, Pinna laqueata, Pinna latissima, Pinna latrania, Pinna lewisi, Pinna lima, Pinna llajasensis, Pinna margaritacea, Pinna meriani, Pinna mitis, Pinna muikadanensis, Pinna muricata, Pinna octavia, Pinna pectinata, Pinna punjabensis, Pinna qinghaiensis, Pinna reginamaris, Pinna rembangensis, Pinna richthofeni, Pinna robinaldina, Pinna robusta, Pinna rudis, Pinna saccata, Pinna semicostata, Pinna semisulcata, Pinna shekhanensis, Pinna sublanceolata, Pinna triquetra, Pinna vexillum

Subtaxa: Pinna (Pinna) folium Pinna (Pinna) lanceolata Pinna (Pinna) mendenhalli Pinna (Pinna) opalina Pinna (Pinna) radiata Pinna (Pinna) tommasii

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Ecology: stationary semi-infaunal suspension feeder


• Miocene to Pliocene of United States (1: California collection)

• Miocene of India (2)

• Cretaceous of Egypt (1), Japan (3), the United Kingdom (4), United States (15: Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri)

• Jurassic of Argentina (2), Canada (14: Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon), Chile (29), France (8), Germany (25), Greenland (7), Japan (1), Spain (42), the United Kingdom (8)

• Triassic of Chile (1), Iran (18), Italy (1), Japan (4), Slovenia (1)

Total: 187 collections including 196 occurrences

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