Acanthocardia (Agnocardia) Stewart 1930 (cockle)

Bivalvia - Cardiida - Cardiidae

Alternative spellings: Agnocardia, Bucardium (Agnocardia), Trachycardium (Agnocardia)

Full reference: R. B. Stewart. 1930. Gabb's California Cretaceous and Tertiary type lamellibranchs. The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia Special Publication 3:1-314

Parent taxon: Acanthocardia according to E. J. Moore 2003

See also Dockery 1982, Schneider 2002, Sepkoski 2002, Squires and Demetrion 1992, Todd 2001, Vokes 1939 and Vokes 1984

Sister taxa: Acanthocardia (Acanthocardia), Acanthocardia (Schedocardia), Acanthocardia afra, Acanthocardia becksii, Acanthocardia brunettii, Acanthocardia hanseata, Acanthocardia maputi, Acanthocardia massintonti, Acanthocardia mozambensis, Acanthocardia paucicostata, Cardium (Acanthocardia) cheribonense

Subtaxa: Agnocardia acrocome Agnocardia alternata Agnocardia cinderellae Agnocardia claibornense Agnocardia convexa Agnocardia cossmanni Agnocardia dissidepictum Agnocardia elnaggari Agnocardia glebosum Agnocardia machaporiensis Agnocardia mahgoobi Agnocardia mokattamensis Agnocardia pessoae Agnocardia rectispina Agnocardia sorrentoensis Agnocardia spinosifrons Agnocardia thalassium

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Type: Cardium (Trachycardium) claibornense

Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal suspension feeder


• Pliocene of the Dominican Republic (3 collections), Jamaica (2), United States (1: Florida)

• Miocene to Pliocene of the Dominican Republic (4)

• Miocene of Brazil (1), the Dominican Republic (3), France (1), United States (3: Florida)

• Oligocene of United States (14: Georgia, Mississippi)

• Eocene of Mexico (2), United States (12: Alabama, California, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas)

Total: 46 collections including 47 occurrences

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