Etoblattina Scudder 1879 (cockroach)

Insecta - Blattodea - Archimylacridae

Alternative spellings: Archimylacris (Etoblattina), Blattina (Etoblattina), Soomylacris (Etoblattina)

Full reference: S. H. Scudder. 1879. Palaeozoic Cockroaches: A complete revision of the species of both worlds, with an essay toward their classification. Memoirs of the Boston Society of Natural History 3:23-134

Parent taxon: Archimylacridae according to P. Guthörl 1934

See also Bolton 1910, Bolton 1912, Handlirsch 1906, Handlirsch 1920, Handlirsch 1922, Kušta 1884, Scudder 1879, Scudder 1886, Scudder 1893, Scudder 1895, Sellards 1904, Sellards 1904 and Sellards 1908

Sister taxa: Acosmoblatta, Anthracomastax furcifer, Anusoblatta, Apophthegma, Archaeomantis, Archaeomantis fleischmanni, Archaeotiphe, Archimylacridae bildstocki, Archimylacridae incerta, Archimylacridae ingberti, Archimylacridae insignis, Archimylacridae labachensis, Archimylacridae mirabilis, Archimylacridae notabilis, Archimylacridae paupercula, Archimylacridae pelzi, Archimylacridae robusta, Archimylacridae rollei, Archimylacridae scudderi, Archimylacridae tischbeini, Archimylacridae venosa, Archimylacridae winteriana, Archimylacrinae, Archimylacris, Archimylacris aliena, Archimylacris carbonis, Archimylacris pruvosti, Archimylacris recta, Asemoblatta, Atimoblatta flexuosa, Barroisiblatta, Bertrandiblatta, Blattina (Etoblattina) bituminosa, Blattina ligniperda, Blattina neuropteroides, Blattina remigii, Blattina scaberata, Blattina sepulta, Blattoidea indeterminata, Blattoidea luedeckei, Blattoidea propinqua, Blattoidea pulchra, Blattoidea rugosa, Boltonoblatta, Ctenostematopteryx diversa, Discoblatta, Distatoblatta, Dromoblattina, Dysmenes, Eneriblatta, Etoblattina coriacea, Etoblattina exilis, Flabellites, Friciella, Gerablattina eversa, Gerablattina inculta, Gondwanoblatta, Gongyloblatta, Grypoblattina, Gyroblatta, Haberleoblatta, Heinitzia, Hermatoblattina, Kashmiroblatta, Kinklidoptera, Limmatoblatta, Liparoblatta, Livetiblatta, Mesitoblatta, Mesitoblattella, Metachorus, Metaphyloblatta, Metapoblatta, Miroblatta, Muelleroblatta, Mylacris latissima, Mylacris packardii, Oxynoblatta, Patrodoron, Petrablattina aequa, Phyloblatta eximia, Phyloblatta lapidea, Phyloblatta perplexa, Phyloblatta ramosa, Phyloblatta wettiniana, Plagioblatta, Platyblatta, Procoptoblatta, Progonoblattina, Pruvostianus, Sardyoblattina, Scudderula, Sellardsula, Sooblattella, Sphaleroblattina, Stephanoblatta, Sterzelia, Stygetoblatta, Syncoptoblatta, Trilophomylacris, Uraloblatta

Subtaxa: Archimylacris (Etoblattina) hastata Blattina (Etoblattina) dyadica Etoblattina deichmuelleri Etoblattina ovata Etoblattina primaeva Etoblattina pygmaea Etoblattina robusta Etoblattina texana

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• Permian of Germany (1 collection), United States (3: Colorado, Texas, West Virginia)

• Westphalian of United States (2: Rhode Island)

• Carboniferous of France (1), Germany (1), the United Kingdom (1), United States (1: Rhode Island)

Total: 10 collections including 12 occurrences

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