Phyloblatta Handlirsch 1906 (winged insect)

Insecta - Dicondylia - Phyloblattidae

Alternative spelling: Phylloblatta

Synonyms: Anablatta Handlirsch 1937, Crockoblattina Guthorl 1933, Cubitoblattina Handlirsch 1937, Deichmuelleria Handlirsch 1906, Kafar Handlirsch 1920, Meunierula Handlirsch 1937, Procopoblatta Handlirsch 1908, Pseudoacmaeoblatta Meunier 1921, Puknoblattina Sellards 1908, Pyknoblattina Sellards 1908, Tomioblatta Martynov 1930

Full reference: A. Handlirsch. 1906. Revision of American Paleozoic insects. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 29(1441):661-820

Parent taxon: Phyloblattidae according to A. Belahmira et al. 2019

See also Aristov 2015, Becker-Migdisova 1961, Bolton 1921, Brauckmann and Willmann 1990, Carpenter 1934, Cockerell 1927, Guthörl 1934, Guthörl 1936, Guthörl 1939, Handlirsch 1906, Handlirsch 1911, Handlirsch 1920, Handlirsch 1922, Hong 1985, Lin and Liang 1988, Martens et al. 2005, Martynov 1930, Martynov 1931, Martynov 1937, Meunier 1921, Pruvost 1919, Schneider 1978, Schneider 1983, Schneider 1983, Schneider 1984, Schneider et al. 2004, Sellards 1908, Tillyard 1937 and Vršanský 2003

Sister taxa: Anthracoblattina, Archangelskyblatta, Hesperoblatta, Keuperoblatta, Kisylblatta, Kunguroblattina, Sobytie, Xenoblatta

Subtaxa: Phylloblatta brongniarti Phylloblatta indecisa Phylloblatta latiuscula Phylloblatta tartarica Phyloblatta (Carbonoblatta) Phyloblatta (Phyloblatta) Phyloblatta abbreviata Phyloblatta abdicata Phyloblatta accubita Phyloblatta aliena Phyloblatta alutacea Phyloblatta alykaevensis Phyloblatta amabilis Phyloblatta angusta Phyloblatta angustata Phyloblatta anonyma Phyloblatta arcuata Phyloblatta arealata Phyloblatta bertrandi Phyloblatta biramosa Phyloblatta brevicubitalis Phyloblatta brongniartula Phyloblatta callosa Phyloblatta carbonica Phyloblatta cassvilleana Phyloblatta chunyensis Phyloblatta communis Phyloblatta compacta Phyloblatta compactiformis Phyloblatta concinna Phyloblatta curtula Phyloblatta curvata Phyloblatta curvinervosa Phyloblatta curviramosa Phyloblatta debilis Phyloblatta deducta Phyloblatta deichmuelleriana Phyloblatta deserta Phyloblatta dichotoma Phyloblatta didierana Phyloblatta difficilis Phyloblatta dimidiata Phyloblatta disiuncta Phyloblatta distincta Phyloblatta diversipennis Phyloblatta dubia Phyloblatta dyadica Phyloblatta elatior Phyloblatta expugnata Phyloblatta expulsata Phyloblatta exsecuta Phyloblatta fera Phyloblatta flabellata Phyloblatta fontanensis Phyloblatta fracta Phyloblatta fritschiana Phyloblatta fritschii Phyloblatta fulva Phyloblatta funeraria Phyloblatta furcatella Phyloblatta fusca Phyloblatta gaudryi Phyloblatta geinitzi Phyloblatta germana Phyloblatta gigantea Phyloblatta gimmi Phyloblatta gorhami Phyloblatta gratiosa Phyloblatta grimaldii Phyloblatta grosjeani Phyloblatta henneni Phyloblatta hilliana Phyloblatta immolata Phyloblatta imperfecta Phyloblatta incerta Phyloblatta indistincta Phyloblatta irregularis Phyloblatta jeffersoniana Phyloblatta kansasia Phyloblatta khalfini Phyloblatta kovacsae Phyloblatta kuznetskiensis Phyloblatta langei Phyloblatta lata Phyloblatta lata Phyloblatta latebricola Phyloblatta lawrenceana Phyloblatta levis Phyloblatta lineata Phyloblatta macerata Phyloblatta macilenta Phyloblatta macroptera Phyloblatta mactata Phyloblatta majuscula Phyloblatta mala Phyloblatta manca Phyloblatta manebachensis Phyloblatta martiusana Phyloblatta mazona Phyloblatta meieri Phyloblatta moravika Phyloblatta mortua Phyloblatta multinervosa Phyloblatta munda Phyloblatta obatra Phyloblatta obliqua Phyloblatta obscura Phyloblatta obscurella Phyloblatta obsoleta Phyloblatta occidentalis Phyloblatta oliveirai Phyloblatta parviradia Phyloblatta paulitransversinervis Phyloblatta pauloi Phyloblatta perangusta Phyloblatta picturata Phyloblatta portuensis Phyloblatta praecompacta Phyloblatta praecurvata Phyloblatta praedulcis Phyloblatta prior Phyloblatta propinqua Phyloblatta purkynei Phyloblatta rebaptizata Phyloblatta regularis Phyloblatta reniformis Phyloblatta residua Phyloblatta resitensis Phyloblatta rogi Phyloblatta rosasi Phyloblatta roxoi Phyloblatta savagei Phyloblatta schusteri Phyloblatta scudderiana Phyloblatta secreta Phyloblatta secunda Phyloblatta semiplena Phyloblatta separanda Phyloblatta sibirica Phyloblatta sinica Phyloblatta solida Phyloblatta sommeri Phyloblatta splendens Phyloblatta stelzneri Phyloblatta stirrupi Phyloblatta thieryi Phyloblatta transversalis Phyloblatta triangularis Phyloblatta undata Phyloblatta uniformis Phyloblatta uralensis Phyloblatta virginiana Phyloblatta vrsanskyi Phyloblatta vulgata Phyloblatta wellingtoniana Phyloblatta wettinensis Phyloblatta xiangingensis

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• Triassic of United States (1: North Carolina collection)

• Permian of Brazil (3), China (4), the Czech Republic (5), Germany (8), the Russian Federation (5), United States (7: Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, West Virginia)

• Westphalian of the United Kingdom (2)

• Carboniferous of Canada (4: Nova Scotia), the Czech Republic (1), France (15), Germany (11), Morocco (7), Portugal (1), Romania (1), the Russian Federation (8), the United Kingdom (2), United States (11: Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island)

Total: 96 collections including 323 occurrences

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