Fulgoridium infuscatum Bode 1953 (planthopper)

Insecta - Hemiptera - Fulgoridiidae

Full reference: A. Bode. 1953. Die Insektenfauna des Ostniedersachsischen Oberen Lias. Palaeontographica Abteilung A 103:1-375

Belongs to Fulgoridium according to J. Szwedo et al. 2004

See also Bode 1953

Sister taxa: Fulgoridium acutum, Fulgoridium alatum, Fulgoridium ampliatum, Fulgoridium anale, Fulgoridium ancylla, Fulgoridium angulosum, Fulgoridium anomalum, Fulgoridium balticum, Fulgoridium basilaesum, Fulgoridium bifurcatum, Fulgoridium bodei, Fulgoridium brachyptilum, Fulgoridium breve, Fulgoridium breviradiatum, Fulgoridium brunsvicense, Fulgoridium clavatum, Fulgoridium cubitofurcatum, Fulgoridium cubitoramosum, Fulgoridium cuneiforme, Fulgoridium curvipenne, Fulgoridium debile, Fulgoridium defunctum, Fulgoridium dilutum, Fulgoridium dubium, Fulgoridium elegantulum, Fulgoridium exhumatum, Fulgoridium exiguemaculatum, Fulgoridium fabri, Fulgoridium fallerslebense, Fulgoridium fenestratum, Fulgoridium fractum, Fulgoridium geinitzi, Fulgoridium germanicum, Fulgoridium gottingense, Fulgoridium graphipterum, Fulgoridium grave, Fulgoridium hattorfense, Fulgoridium hildesheimense, Fulgoridium hondelanum, Fulgoridium inaequale, Fulgoridium incertecoloratum, Fulgoridium inconspicuum, Fulgoridium incurvatum, Fulgoridium intercalatum, Fulgoridium lapideum, Fulgoridium latius, Fulgoridium latum, Fulgoridium liadis, Fulgoridium litorale, Fulgoridium mancomarginatum, Fulgoridium marginepunctatum, Fulgoridium megapolitanum, Fulgoridium modestum, Fulgoridium mortuum, Fulgoridium multipunctatum, Fulgoridium multivenosum, Fulgoridium nebulosum, Fulgoridium nodosum, Fulgoridium nubeculum, Fulgoridium obtusum, Fulgoridium oligoneurum, Fulgoridium oligospilum, Fulgoridium pallidum, Fulgoridium parvispilum, Fulgoridium paulodilatatum, Fulgoridium picturatum, Fulgoridium plicatum, Fulgoridium polyneurum, Fulgoridium posidonicum, Fulgoridium praeobtusum, Fulgoridium pulchrum, Fulgoridium punctatum, Fulgoridium quadrisignatum, Fulgoridium radioramosum, Fulgoridium raromaculatum, Fulgoridium reduncum, Fulgoridium regulare, Fulgoridium remotum, Fulgoridium retractum, Fulgoridium rotundatum, Fulgoridium schandelahensis, Fulgoridium semiperspicuum, Fulgoridium silvaticum, Fulgoridium spilographum, Fulgoridium stigmaticum, Fulgoridium symmetricum, Fulgoridium tenuimaculatum, Fulgoridium trifurcatum, Fulgoridium venosum, Fulgoridium vicinum, Fulgoridium violatum


Distribution: found only at Hondelage, Braunschweig (Boreale Zone) (Jurassic of Germany)

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