Tribe Anthonomini Thomson 1859 (snout beetle)

Insecta - Coleoptera - Curculionidae

Parent taxon: Curculioninae according to A. A. Legalov and G. Poinar 2016

See also Bouchard et al. 2011 and Legalov 2015

Sister taxa: Acalyptini, Camarotini, Centrinus longipes, Cionini, Curculionini, Ellescini, Eugnomini, Gymnetron antecurrens, Gymnetron lecontei, Mecinini, Rhamphini, Smicronychini, Styphlini, Tychiini

Subtaxa: Anthonomus Coccotorus Cremastorhynchus Smicrorhynchus

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Type: Anthonomus



• Quaternary of Canada (3: Ontario collections), the United Kingdom (5), United States (1: Texas)

• Miocene of the Dominican Republic (2), Mexico (1), the Russian Federation (1)

• Eocene of United States (11: Colorado, Utah, Wyoming)

• Paleocene of Argentina (2)

Total: 26 collections including 42 occurrences

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