†unranked clade Monofenestrata Lü et al. 2010 (pterosaur)

Reptilia - Pterosauria

Full reference: J. Lü, D. M. Unwin, X. Jin, Y. Liu, and Q. Ji. 2010. Evidence for modular evolution in a long-tailed pterosaur with a pterodactyloid skull. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 277:383-389

Parent taxon: Lonchognatha according to B. Andres et al. 2014

See also Lü et al. 2011, Martill et al. 2013, Vidovic and Martill 2014, Wang et al. 2017 and Wei et al. 2021

Sister taxon: Harpactognathus

Subtaxa: Caelidracones Changchengopterus Cuspicephalus Darwinopterus Douzhanopterus Pterodactylus Wukongopterus

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Ecology: volant piscivore


• Cretaceous of China (2 collections), the United Kingdom (1)

• Jurassic of China (4), France (2), Germany (4), Kazakhstan (1), Mongolia (1), Portugal (1), Tanzania (2), the United Kingdom (1)

Total: 19 collections including 31 occurrences

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