Clade Picocoraciae Mayr 2011 (bird)

Aves - Neornithes

Full reference: G. Mayr. 2011. Metaves, Mirandornithes, Strisores and other novelties – a critical review of the higher-level phylogeny of neornithine birds. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research 49(1):58-76

Parent taxon: Neornithes according to G. Mayr 2011

Sister taxa: Aequornithes, Alectromorphae, Cariamiformes, Cathartiformes, Colymbomorphae, Coraciomorphae, Eurypygiformes, Galbuliformes, Leptosomiformes, Lonchodytes pterygius, Mesitornithiformes, Neognathae, Odontognathae, Otidiformes, Palaeognathae, Pelargomorphae, Phoenicopteriformes, Pterocliformes

Subtaxa: Alcediniformes

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Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore

Distribution: found only at Ampe quarry, Egem (Eocene of Belgium)

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