Tribe Rhynchitini Gistel 1848 (tooth-nosed snout weevil)

Insecta - Coleoptera - Attelabidae

Synonym: Isotheini Scudder 1893

Full reference: J. Gistel. 1848. Faunula monacensis cantharologica. Isis von Oken

Parent taxon: Rhynchititae according to A. A. Legalov 2015

See also Alonso-Zarazaga and Lyal 1999, Bouchard et al. 2011, Legalov 2013 and Scudder 1893

Sister taxa: Auletini, Eugnamptini

Subtaxa: Isothea Isotheina Masteutes saxifer Perrhynchitina Prodeporaides Prodeporaus Rhynchites hageni Rhynchitina Temnocerina

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• Quaternary of Azerbaijan (1 collection)

• Oligocene of Germany (5)

• Eocene of the Russian Federation (2), United States (4: Colorado)

• Cretaceous of the Russian Federation (1)

Total: 13 collections including 28 occurrences

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