Suborder Troctomorpha Roesler 1940 (book louse)

Insecta - Psocodea

Full reference: R. Roesler. 1940. Neue und wenig bekannte Copeognathengattungen. I. Zoologischer Anzeiger 129:225-243

Parent taxon: Psocodea according to E. L. Mockford et al. 2013

See also Lienhard and Smithers 2002 and Nel and Waller 2007

Sister taxa: Psocomorpha, Trogiomorpha, Huaxiapsocus, Miotroctes, Caeciliidae, Parapsocida, Polypsocidae, Psococicadellopsis, Paropsocus

Subtaxa: Amphientometae Manicapsocidae Nanopsocetae

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