†subfamily Palaeoaphidinae Richards 1966

Insecta - Hemiptera - Palaeoaphididae

Alternative spelling: Palaeoaphididae

Full reference: W. R. Richards. 1966. Systematics of fossil aphids from Canadian Amber (Homoptera: Aphididae). The Canadian Entomologist 98:746-760

Parent taxon: Palaeoaphididae according to E. E. Perkovsky and P. Wegierek 2017

See also Heie 2006, Heie and Wegierek 2011, Kania and Wegierek 2005, Kania and Wegierek 2008, Richards 1966 and Zyla et al. 2014

Sister taxon: Ellinaphidinae

Subtaxa: Ambaraphis Jersaphis Longiradius Palaeoaphidiella Palaeoaphis Primpalaeoaphis

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• Cretaceous of Canada (5: Alberta, Manitoba collections), Mongolia (1), the Russian Federation (4), United States (1: New Jersey)

Total: 11 collections including 14 occurrences

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