†family Lystrosauridae Broom 1903

Osteichthyes - Dicynodontia - Lystrosauridae

Full reference: R. Broom. 1903. On the Classification of the Theriodonts and their Allies. Report of the South African Association for the Advancement of Science 1:286-294

Parent taxon: Dicynodontoidea according to C. F. Kammerer et al. 2011

See also Broom 1903, Carroll 1988, Haughton and Brink 1954, Ivakhnenko 2008, Kammerer and Angielczyk 2009, Kemp 1982, Li and Sun 2008 and Osborn 1904

Sister taxa: Basilodon, Counillonia, Daptocephalus, Delectosaurus, Dicynodon, Dicynodon incisivum, Dicynodon ingens, Dicynodon luckhoffi, Dicynodon testudiceps, Dicynodon venteri, Dinanomodon, Gordonia, Jimusaria, Kannemeyeria, Kunpania, Peramodon, Platypodosaurus, Sintocephalus, Syops, Taoheodon, Turfanodon, Vivaxosaurus

Subtaxa: Euptychognathus Kwazulusaurus Lystrosaurus

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• Triassic of Antarctica (4 collections), China (7), India (18), the Russian Federation (1), South Africa (30)

• Permian of China (1), South Africa (6), Tanzania (1)

Total: 68 collections including 126 occurrences

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