Misellina (Misellina) Schenck and Thompson 1940 (foram)

Foraminifera - Fusulinoidea - Verbeekinidae

Full reference: H. G. Schenck and M. L. Thompson. 1940. Misellina and Brevaxina, new Permian fusulinid foraminifera. Journal of Paleontology 14:584-589

Parent taxon: Misellina according to H. G. Schenck and M. L. Thompson 1940

Sister taxa: Misellina (Brevaxina), Misellina sphaerica

Subtaxa: Misellina (Misellina) claudiae Misellina (Misellina) minor Misellina (Misellina) parvicostata Misellina (Misellina) termieri Misellina (Misellina) transalaica

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Ecology: stationary semi-infaunal omnivore


• Permian of China (2 collections), Iran (3), Japan (5), Kyrgyzstan (1), Tajikistan (6), Thailand (2)

Total: 19 collections including 21 occurrences

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