Triticites circulus Wilde 2006 (foram)

Foraminifera - Fusulinoidea - Schwagerinidae

Full reference: G. L. Wilde. 2006. Pennsylvanian-Permian Fusulinaceans of the Big Hatchet Mountains, New Mexico. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin 38:1-331

Belongs to Triticites according to G. L. Wilde 2006

Sister taxa: Triticites absurdus, Triticites adamas, Triticites arcticus, Triticites beedei, Triticites bilinguis, Triticites borregoensis, Triticites brevis, Triticites buglensis, Triticites bungerensis, Triticites buttensis, Triticites canyonensis, Triticites cellamagnus, Triticites cognatus, Triticites confertus, Triticites convexus, Triticites creekensis, Triticites cullomensis, Triticites directus, Triticites expressus, Triticites follis, Triticites fornicatus, Triticites fusinus, Triticites gigantocellus, Triticites glenensis, Triticites gracilis, Triticites grandiculus, Triticites gusanicus, Triticites guvenci, Triticites hermanni, Triticites hobblensis, Triticites humilis, Triticites immutabilis, Triticites inflatus, Triticites insuitatus, Triticites invenustus, Triticites jacksboroensis, Triticites jimmacki, Triticites kairakensis, Triticites karlensis, Triticites kellyensis, Triticites kodzhaugulicus, Triticites komansuensis, Triticites kottlowskii, Triticites kuibyshevi, Triticites leannae, Triticites legatum, Triticites levis, Triticites lucasi, Triticites marathonensis, Triticites meeki, Triticites mogutovensis, Triticites moorei, Triticites mulleri, Triticites multiseptatus, Triticites mundus, Triticites mutabilis, Triticites myersi, Triticites nealensis, Triticites needhami, Triticites nitens, Triticites nitidus, Triticites oblisus, Triticites occidentalis, Triticites oculus, Triticites oezbekensis, Triticites opimus, Triticites ornatus, Triticites pajerensis, Triticites parafusiformis, Triticites parameeki, Triticites parvulus, Triticites patulus, Triticites perstabilis, Triticites peruensis, Triticites pillahuarensis, Triticites pinguis, Triticites pointensis, Triticites polinae, Triticites postsybilae, Triticites praesecalicus, Triticites precreekensis, Triticites procerulus, Triticites proprius, Triticites pygmaeus, Triticites quasiarcticus, Triticites rockensis, Triticites rossicus, Triticites sacramentoensis, Triticites schencki, Triticites secalicus, Triticites simplex, Triticites southensis, Triticites springvillensis, Triticites subventricosus, Triticites suzukii, Triticites sybilae, Triticites titicacaensis, Triticites tractus, Triticites tumentis, Triticites turkestanensis, Triticites turpis, Triticites tyrrelli, Triticites uddeni, Triticites umbus, Triticites usitatus, Triticites ventricosus, Triticites vestigium, Triticites victorioensis, Triticites viribus, Triticites wellsi, Triticites wyomingensis, Triticites yvani

Type specimen: NMMNH P-52836

Ecology: stationary semi-infaunal omnivore


• Carboniferous of United States (2: New Mexico collections)

Total: 2 collections each including a single occurrence

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