Diaphus dumerilii Bleeker 1856 (lanternfish)

Actinopteri - Myctophiformes - Myctophidae

Alternative combination: Diaphus dumerili

Belongs to Diaphus according to W. Schwarzhans and O. Aguilera 2013

See also Aguilera and de Aguilera 2001, Steurbaut 1979 and Steurbaut 1984

Sister taxa: Diaphus (Diaphus), Diaphus (Hyperphotops), Diaphus (Lamprossa), Diaphus (Panthophos), Diaphus aeolochrus, Diaphus aequalis, Diaphus alcoholicus, Diaphus altus, Diaphus angulatus, Diaphus apalus, Diaphus audax, Diaphus austriacus, Diaphus barrigonensis, Diaphus bolini, Diaphus brachycephalus, Diaphus cahuzaci, Diaphus capax, Diaphus carsoni, Diaphus cassidiformis, Diaphus caurus, Diaphus chrysorhynchus, Diaphus coatesi, Diaphus crameri, Diaphus crassus, Diaphus curvatus, Diaphus dainichiensis, Diaphus danae, Diaphus debilis, Diaphus depressifrons, Diaphus draconis, Diaphus duosensitivus, Diaphus ecuadorensis, Diaphus edwardsi, Diaphus emensus, Diaphus endoi, Diaphus excisus, Diaphus exilis, Diaphus garmani, Diaphus gatunensis, Diaphus gigas, Diaphus grebneffi, Diaphus haereticus, Diaphus hataii, Diaphus holti, Diaphus huatau, Diaphus hypolucens, Diaphus italicus, Diaphus kaiparaensis, Diaphus kakegawaensis, Diaphus kendalli, Diaphus kuroshio, Diaphus larteti, Diaphus longirostris, Diaphus lucida, Diaphus luetkeni, Diaphus manneringi, Diaphus marambionis, Diaphus marwicki, Diaphus meniliticus, Diaphus metopoclampoides, Diaphus microsomus, Diaphus mirus, Diaphus mollis, Diaphus molossus, Diaphus multiserratus, Diaphus nafpaktitisi, Diaphus nanus, Diaphus noboriensis, Diaphus parri, Diaphus paxtoni, Diaphus perspicillatoides, Diaphus perspicillatus, Diaphus poignantae, Diaphus polysarcus, Diaphus prisismetallis, Diaphus problematicus, Diaphus rafinesqui, Diaphus regani, Diaphus richardsoni, Diaphus rodriguezi, Diaphus sauvagei, Diaphus splendidus, Diaphus stafforaensis, Diaphus sulcatus, Diaphus taaningi, Diaphus tenax, Diaphus termophilus, Diaphus theta, Diaphus thiollieri, Diaphus vexillifer, Myctophum (Diaphus) sauvagei

Ecology: nektonic carnivore


• Quaternary of Panama (1 collection)

• Pliocene to Pleistocene of Panama (2)

• Pliocene of the Dominican Republic (3), Jamaica (1), Panama (1), Venezuela (1)

• Miocene of the Dominican Republic (8), France (2)

Total: 19 collections each including a single occurrence

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