†subfamily Peltephilinae Lydekker 1894 (armadillo)

Mammalia - Cingulata - Dasypodidae

Full reference: R. Lydekker. 1894. Contributions to a knowledge of the fossil vertebrates of Argentina. II. 2. The extinct edentates of Argentina. Anales del Museo de La Plata. Paleontología Argentina 3:1-118

Parent taxon: Dasypodidae according to R. Lydekker 1894

Sister taxa: Amblytatus, Archaeutatus, Astegotherium, Chlamytheriinae, Dasypina, Dasypodinae, Epipeltecoelus, Euphractinae, Euphractus, Lumbreratherium, Machlydotherium, Macrochorobates, Meteutatus attonsus, Ornithoryncina, Orycteropina, Pampatheriinae, Prodasypus, Prostegotherium, Pseudeutatus, Pseudostegotherium, Pucatherium, Punatherium, Stegotheriopsis, Tolypeutinae, Utaetus

Subtaxa: none

Type: Peltephilus

Ecology: ground dwelling insectivore

Distribution: found only at Arroyo Chasicó (Miocene of Argentina)

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