Plicatula (Harpax) Parkinson 1811 (scallop)

Bivalvia - Pectinida - Plicatulidae

Parent taxon: Plicatula according to M. Aberhan 1998

Sister taxa: Plicatula (Eoplicatula), Plicatula (Plicatula), Plicatula allisoni, Plicatula archiaci, Plicatula auressensis, Plicatula azulensis, Plicatula barnensis, Plicatula carinata, Plicatula cedroensis, Plicatula cochlear, Plicatula cossmanni, Plicatula cristata, Plicatula cyclostroides, Plicatula densata, Plicatula dubia, Plicatula ferryi, Plicatula filamentosa, Plicatula filifera, Plicatula flabellifera, Plicatula flattersi, Plicatula gibbosa, Plicatula hekiensis, Plicatula hettangiensis, Plicatula hirsuta, Plicatula hunterae, Plicatula intuscrenata, Plicatula juncalensis, Plicatula leucensis, Plicatula locardi, Plicatula menkeana, Plicatula modjeskaensis, Plicatula multicostata, Plicatula ogilviae, Plicatula onoensis, Plicatula papiracea, Plicatula parahybensis, Plicatula phymatophora, Plicatula plexicosta, Plicatula plicata, Plicatula polymorpha, Plicatula pulchra, Plicatula quayensis, Plicatula quinqueplicata, Plicatula rapa, Plicatula rostrata, Plicatula selandica, Plicatula septemcostata, Plicatula solea, Plicatula spinosa, Plicatula spondylopsis, Plicatula surensis, Plicatula tetrica, Plicatula torreonensis, Plicatula umbonata, Plicatula variata, Plicatula variplicata, Plicatula ventilabrum, Plicatula youngi, Plicatula yueliangpingensis

Subtaxa: none

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder


• Jurassic of Germany (2 collections), Portugal (14), Slovakia (1), Spain (57)

Total: 74 collections including 75 occurrences

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