Order Schizomida Petrunkevitch 1945 (short-tailed whip-scorpion)

Arachnida - Thelyphonida

Full reference: A. Petrunkevitch. 1945. Calcitro fisheri, a new fossil arachnid. American Journal of Science 243:320-329

Parent taxon: Thelyphonida according to R. M. Clouse et al. 2017

See also Dunlop et al. 2013 and Garwood and Dunlop 2014

Sister taxa: Burmathelyphonia, Parageralinura, Uropygi

Subtaxa: Calcitronidae Hubbardiidae Protoschizomidae

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Ecology: nektobenthic carnivore


• Pliocene of United States (1: Arizona collection)

• Eocene of China (1)

• Cretaceous of Myanmar (1)

Total: 3 collections including 6 occurrences

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