†superfamily Askeptosauroidea Wu et al. 2009 (diapsid)

Reptilia - Thalattosauria

Full reference: X. -C. Wu, Y. -N. Cheng, T. Sato and H. Shan. 2009. Miodentosaurus brevis Cheng et al. 2007 (Diapsida: Thalattosauria): its postcranial skeleton and phylogenetic relationships. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 47:1-20

Parent taxon: Thalattosauria according to X. -C. Wu et al. 2009

Sister taxa: Claraziidae, Thalattosauroidea

Subtaxa: Askeptosauridae Endennasaurus

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• Triassic of China (4 collections), Italy (1), Swaziland (1), Switzerland (1)

Total: 7 collections including 9 occurrences

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