Zeilleria (Zeilleria) Bayle 1878 (lamp shell)

Rhynchonellata - Terebratulida - Zeilleriidae

Parent taxon: Zeilleria according to Y. Alméras et al. 2007

Sister taxa: Zeilleria alpina, Zeilleria aquilina, Zeilleria astartina, Zeilleria austriaca, Zeilleria baldaccii, Zeilleria balkarensis, Zeilleria biappendiculata, Zeilleria bicolor, Zeilleria bucculenta, Zeilleria bukowski, Zeilleria choffati, Zeilleria dedengensis, Zeilleria digona, Zeilleria donetziana, Zeilleria egena, Zeilleria elliotti, Zeilleria elliptica, Zeilleria guerassimovi, Zeilleria hararina, Zeilleria hudsoni, Zeilleria humeralis, Zeilleria kysylrabatensis, Zeilleria lagenalis, Zeilleria latifrons, Zeilleria leckenbyi, Zeilleria lingulata, Zeilleria lituanica, Zeilleria livingstonei, Zeilleria lycetti, Zeilleria mariae, Zeilleria moisseievi, Zeilleria montbisotensis, Zeilleria mutabilis, Zeilleria norica, Zeilleria opuatiaensis, Zeilleria perforata, Zeilleria popilanica, Zeilleria primaria, Zeilleria quadrifida, Zeilleria quiaiosensis, Zeilleria recessa, Zeilleria repanda, Zeilleria rollieri, Zeilleria sacciformis, Zeilleria spiculata, Zeilleria subcensoriensis, Zeilleria subdigona, Zeilleria subnumismalis, Zeilleria subranvilli, Zeilleria subrugata, Zeilleria terezowae, Zeilleria thurwieseri, Zeilleria trautscholdi, Zeilleria truncatella, Zeilleria umbonella, Zeilleria venusta, Zeilleria waehneri, Zeilleria waiohipaensis, Zeilleria waltoni

Subtaxa: Zeilleria (Zeilleria) batilla Zeilleria (Zeilleria) cossae Zeilleria (Zeilleria) culeiformis Zeilleria (Zeilleria) darwini Zeilleria (Zeilleria) indentata Zeilleria (Zeilleria) laboniae Zeilleria (Zeilleria) peybernesi Zeilleria (Zeilleria) roemeri Zeilleria (Zeilleria) sarthacensis Zeilleria (Zeilleria) scalprata Zeilleria (Zeilleria) sestii Zeilleria (Zeilleria) sharpei Zeilleria (Zeilleria) stapia Zeilleria (Zeilleria) subovalis Zeilleria (Zeilleria) vicinalis Zeilleria (Zeilleria) waterhousi Zeilleria (Zeilleria) wurttembergica

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Ecology: stationary low-level epifaunal suspension feeder


• Jurassic of Algeria (2 collections), Austria (12), Bulgaria (6), France (44), Greenland (2), Hungary (2), Italy (3), the Russian Federation (1), Slovakia (1), Spain (65), Switzerland (1), Turkey (2), the United Kingdom (8)

Total: 149 collections including 160 occurrences

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