†superfamily Exaeretopteroidea Pierce 1944 (grasshopper)

Insecta - Orthoptera

Almost certainly a synonym of some extant superfamily, if the specimen is even an Orthoptera (or even a fossil).

Full reference: W. D. Pierce. 1944. Fossil arthropods of California 4. Two interesting orthopteroids from diatomaceous deposits. Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences 43:12-17

Parent taxon: Orthoptera according to W. D. Pierce 1944

Sister taxa: Aboilodea, Acrydiana, Blattacea, Caelifera, Capnobotes, Clathrotitanidae, Drymadusa, Ensifera, Eremobiinae, Grylliae, Lithymnetes, Locustariae, Locustidae, Locustoidea, Loxoedischia, Mantides, Nymphomorpha, Orthophlebia longissima, Permophyllum, Phasgonuridae, Pinegia, Prophilaenites, Thnetodes, Tillyardiella, Titanoptera, Vologdoptera, Yinpingia

Subtaxa: Exaeretopteridae

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Type: Exaeretoptera


Distribution: found only at South of abandoned pier at Fort MacArthur (Miocene of California)

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