Suborder Vespina Laicharting 1781 (winged insect)

Insecta - Hymenoptera

Alternative spelling: Vespoides

Synonym: Euhymenoptera

Full reference: J. N. E. Laicharting. 1781. Verzeichniß und Beschreibung der Tyroler-Insecten. I. Theil. Käferartige Insecten. I. Band 1-248

Parent taxon: Unicalcarida according to J. Heraty et al. 2011

See also Krogmann and Nel 2012 and Rasnitsyn and Jarzembowski 1998

Sister taxa: Cephoidea, Cratoenigma, Siricoidea

Subtaxa: Apocrita Orussoidea Orussomorpha

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