†unranked clade Eucacopinae Schoch and Sues 2013 (tetrapod)

Osteichthyes - Temnospondyli - Dissorophidae

Full reference: R. R. Schoch and H.-D. Sues. 2013. A new dissorophid temnospondyl from the Lower Permian of north-central Texas. Comptes Rendus Palevol 12:437-445

Parent taxon: Dissorophidae according to R. R. Schoch and A. R. Milner 2014

See also Schoch and Sues 2013

Sister taxa: Aspidosaurinae, Aspidosaurus peltatus, Cacopinae, Dissorophinae, Fayella, Iratusaurus, Macrerpeton, Perryella, Platyhistricinae, Stegops

Subtaxa: Anakamacops Brevidorsum Cacops Conjunctio Kamacops Parioxys Reiszerpeton Scapanops Zygosaurus

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Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore


• Leonard of United States (2: Oklahoma collections)

• Wolfcamp of United States (1: Texas)

• Permian of China (1), the Russian Federation (4), United States (11: New Mexico, Texas)

• Virgilian of United States (1: New Mexico)

Total: 20 collections including 23 occurrences

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