Clade Folivora Delsuc et al. 2001 (edentate)

Mammalia - Theriamorpha

Invalid subtaxa: Tardigrada Latham and Davies 1795 [replaced name], Tardigradi Latham and Davies 1795 [replaced name], Tarigradae Latham and Davies 1795 [replaced name]

Full reference: F. Delsuc, F. M. Catzeflis, M. J. Stanhope and E. J. P. Douzery. 2001. The evolution of armadillos, anteaters and sloths depicted by nuclear and mitochondrial phylogenies: implications for the status of the enigmatic fossil Eurotamandua. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 268(1476):1605-1615

Parent taxon: Pilosa according to F. Delsuc et al. 2001

See also Ameghino 1885, Ameghino 1906, De Iuliis and Cartelle 1999, De Los Arcos et al. 2017, Gaudin 1995, Gray 1821, Jaekel 1911, McKenna and Bell 1997, Pujos et al. 2007, Villarroel 2000 and Wilson and Reeder 2005

Sister taxon: Vermilingua

Subtaxa: Eufolivora Mylodontoidea Rathymotheriidae

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Ecology: ground dwelling omnivore

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