†tribe Paroxyaenini Lavrov 2007 (creodont)

Mammalia - Creodonta - Hyainailouridae

Full reference: A. V. Lavrov. 2007. New Species of Paroxyaena (Hyaenodontidae, Creodonta) from Phosphorites of Quercy, Late Eocene, France. Paleontological Journal 41(3):298-311

Parent taxon: Hyainailourinae according to F. Solé et al. 2015

See also Lavrov 2007

Sister taxa: Akhnatenavus, Dissopsalini, Hemipsalodon, Hyainailourini, Hyainailouros, Isohyaenodon, Kerberos, Leakitherium, Megistotherium, Metapterodon, Metapterodontini, Mlanyama, Orienspterodon, Parapterodon, Parvavorodon, Pterodon, Simbakubwa

Subtaxa: Paroxyaena

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Ecology: scansorial insectivore


• Eocene of France (1 collection), Switzerland (1)

Total: 2 collections each including a single occurrence

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