†suborder Scylacosaurida Ivakhnenko 2011 (therapsid)

Osteichthyes - Therocephalia

Full reference: M. F. Ivakhnenko. 2011. Permian and Triassic therocephals (Eutherapsida) of Eastern Europe. Paleontological Journal 45(9):981-1144

Parent taxon: Therocephalia according to M. F. Ivakhnenko 2011

Sister taxa: Alopecodontidae, Alopecopsidae, Alopecorhinus, Arnognathus, Arnognathus parvidens, Bauriida, Baurioidea, Crapartinellidae, Euchambersiidae, Eutherocephalia, Gorynychus, Ictidognathus, Ictidosuchus, Lycosaurus, Lycosuchida, Ordosidae, Pristerognathidae, Pristerosauria, Pristerosaurida, Regisauridae, Regisaurus, Scaloposaurida, Scylacoides, Scylacosaurus, Simorhinellidae, Tigrisuchus, Trochosuchus, Yikezhaogia

Subtaxa: Scylacosauridae Scylacosuchidae

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Ecology: carnivore


• Severodvinian of the Russian Federation (2 collections)

• Permian of South Africa (7)

Total: 9 collections including 10 occurrences

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