†suborder Gorgonopsia Seeley 1894 (reptile)

Reptilia - Theromorpha

Full reference: H. G. Seeley. 1894. Researches on the Structure, Organisation, and Classification of the Fossil Reptilia. Part IX. Section 1. On the Therosuchia [Abstract]. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 55:224-226

Parent taxon: Gorgodontia according to M. F. Ivakhnenko 2003

See also Battail and Surkov 2000, Carroll 1988, Gauthier et al. 1989, Haughton and Brink 1954, Huene 1954, Kemp 1982, Kuhn 1946, Olson 1966, Olson 1974, Rubidge and Sidor 2001, Seeley 1895 and Sigogneau-Russell 1989

Sister taxon: Dinocephalia

Subtaxa: Broomisaurus planiceps Cynarioides gracilis Cyniscops Cynodraco Cynodraco major Cynodraco serridens Dixeya Eriphostoma Estemmenosuchida Gorgonopida Gorgonopidae Hipposaurus kitchingi Ictidorhinida Nikkasaurida Nochnitsa Scylacognathus major Viatkogorgon Watongiidae

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Ecology: carnivore

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