†subfamily Teratornithinae Miller 1909 (teratorn)

Aves - Cathartiformes - Cathartidae

Alternative spelling: Teratornithidae

Parent taxon: Cathartidae according to D. Amadon 1977

See also Carroll 1988, Lambrecht 1933, Wetmore 1940, Wetmore 1956 and Wetmore 1960

Sister taxa: Breagyps, Catharista, Cathartes, Cathartidarum, Cathartinae, Coragyps, Gymnogyps, Kuntur, Palaeogyps, Phasmagyps, Pliogyps, Sarcoramphus, Tapinopus, Vultur, Vulturinae

Subtaxa: Aiolornis Argentavis Cathartornis Taubatornis Teratornis

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• Quaternary of United States (11: California, Florida, Utah collections)

• Blancan of United States (1: California)

• Miocene of Argentina (3)

• Oligocene of Brazil (1)

Total: 16 collections including 19 occurrences

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