Glossopteris browniana Brongniart 1828

Arberiopsida - Arberiales

Synonym: Glossopteris brownii Brongniart 1828

Belongs to Glossopteris according to Brongniart 1828

See also Chandra and Tewari 1991 and Lakhanpal et al. 1976

Sister taxa: Glossopteris acaulis, Glossopteris acuminata, Glossopteris ampla, Glossopteris andreanszki, Glossopteris angusta, Glossopteris angustifolia, Glossopteris anthrophyoides, Glossopteris arberi, Glossopteris bansloiensis, Glossopteris barakarensis, Glossopteris bargoensis, Glossopteris bosei, Glossopteris brongniartii, Glossopteris castellanosii, Glossopteris churiensis, Glossopteris communis, Glossopteris conspicua, Glossopteris contracta, Glossopteris cordiformis, Glossopteris damudica, Glossopteris decipiens, Glossopteris dhenkanalensis, Glossopteris divergens, Glossopteris elongata, Glossopteris emarginata, Glossopteris euryneura, Glossopteris feistmantelii, Glossopteris fibrosa, Glossopteris formosa, Glossopteris frondosa, Glossopteris ghusikensis, Glossopteris gigas, Glossopteris giridihensis, Glossopteris gondwanensis, Glossopteris gopadensis, Glossopteris hinjridaensis, Glossopteris inaequalis, Glossopteris indica, Glossopteris ingens, Glossopteris intermedia, Glossopteris intermittens, Glossopteris isolateralis, Glossopteris jayantiensis, Glossopteris kamthiensis, Glossopteris karanpurensis, Glossopteris karharbariensis, Glossopteris lanceolatus, Glossopteris leptoneura, Glossopteris linearis, Glossopteris longicaulis, Glossopteris mackayi, Glossopteris maculata, Glossopteris maheshwarii, Glossopteris major, Glossopteris mohudaensis, Glossopteris musaefolia, Glossopteris nakkarea, Glossopteris nautiyalii, Glossopteris nilssonioides, Glossopteris nimishea, Glossopteris nishatbaghensis, Glossopteris obliqua, Glossopteris obovata, Glossopteris oldhamii, Glossopteris orbicularis, Glossopteris ornatus, Glossopteris pandurata, Glossopteris pantii, Glossopteris papillosa, Glossopteris parallela, Glossopteris petiolata, Glossopteris pseudocommunis, Glossopteris radiata, Glossopteris raniganjensis, Glossopteris recurva, Glossopteris reticulata, Glossopteris retifera, Glossopteris retusa, Glossopteris rewaensis, Glossopteris rhabdotaenioides, Glossopteris sahnii, Glossopteris saksenae, Glossopteris sastrii, Glossopteris schopfii, Glossopteris searsolensis, Glossopteris senii, Glossopteris shailae, Glossopteris sidhiensis, Glossopteris skaarensis, Glossopteris spathulocordata, Glossopteris spatulata, Glossopteris srivastavae, Glossopteris stipanicicii, Glossopteris stricta, Glossopteris subtilis, Glossopteris surangei, Glossopteris syaldiensis, Glossopteris taeniensis, Glossopteris taenioides, Glossopteris taeniopteroides, Glossopteris talchirensis, Glossopteris tenuifolia, Glossopteris tenuinervis, Glossopteris tortuosa, Glossopteris utkalensis, Glossopteris varia, Glossopteris venustus, Glossopteris vulgaris, Glossopteris zeilleri, Rubidgea lanceolatus, Rubidgea obovata, Rubidgea emarginata


• Triassic of India (2 collections)

• Permian to Triassic of India (1)

• Permian of Argentina (1), Brazil (1), India (22), Oman (1)

Total: 28 collections each including a single occurrence

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