Family Comatulidae Fleming 1828 (crinoid)

Crinoidea - Comatulida - Comatulidae

Alternative spelling: Comatuladae

Synonyms: Actinometridae Bather 1899, Comasteridae Clark 1908, Comasteroidea Clark 1908

Parent taxon: Comatulida according to W. Souza-Lima and C. L. deCastro Manso 2017

See also Eagle 2009, Hess and Messing 2011, Summers et al. 2014 and Ubaghs et al. 1978

Sister taxa: Bourgueticrinina, Comatulidina, Guillecrinina, Hebeticrinus, Solanocrinus

Subtaxa: Capillasterinae Comasterinae Comatellinae Comatilia Comatulides Comatulinae Phanogeniinae Rowemissia Sievertsella

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Type: Comatula


• Quaternary of the Bahamas (1 collection)

• Miocene of Brazil (1)

• Waitakian of New Zealand (3)

• Oligocene of New Zealand (1)

Total: 6 collections each including a single occurrence

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