†suborder Ajacicyathina Bedford and Bedford 1939 (archaeocyath sponge)

Archaeocyatha - Ajacicyathida

Full reference: R. Bedford and J. Bedford. 1939. Development and classification of Archaeos (Pleospongia). Kyancutta Museum, Memoirs 6:67-82

Parent taxon: Ajacicyathida according to F. Debrenne et al. 2015

Sister taxa: Archaeocyathellus, Botocyathus, Dokidocyathina, Erismacoscinina, Kidjasocyathus, Nevadacyathus, Procyathellus, Ptretiosocyathus, Somphocyathus, Stephanicyathus, Tabulacyathus

Subtaxa: Annulocyathoidea Bronchocyathoidea Erbocyathoidea Ethmophylloidea Lenocyathoidea Pretiosocyathoidea Sigmocyathoidea Tercyathoidea Tumulocyathoidea

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Ecology: stationary intermediate-level epifaunal suspension feeder

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