Acer rubrum Linnaeus 1753 (maple)

Angiospermae - Sapindales - Sapindaceae

Full reference: C. Linnaeus. 1753. Species Plantarum 1-1200

Belongs to Acer according to F. H. Knowlton 1919

See also Linnaeus 1753

Sister taxa: Acer (Negundo), Acer acuminatum, Acer alaskense, Acer alvordense, Acer amboyense, Acer arcticum, Acer ashwilli, Acer axelrodi, Acer beckeri, Acer becki, Acer bolanderi, Acer bosrivularis, Acer browni, Acer busamarum, Acer cadaver, Acer caesium, Acer cascadense, Acer castorrivularis, Acer chaneyi, Acer clarnoense, Acer collawashense, Acer completum, Acer cranei, Acer crookense, Acer cuprovallis, Acer dettermani, Acer diabolicum, Acer dimorphum, Acer douglasense, Acer dubium, Acer elkoanum, Acer elwyni, Acer eomedianum, Acer eonegundo, Acer ezoanum, Acer ferrignoi, Acer florissanti, Acer gigas, Acer glabroides, Acer grahamensis, Acer grantense, Acer grossedentatum, Acer heterodentatum, Acer hillsi, Acer hueberi, Acer idahoense, Acer ivanofense, Acer jarbidgianum, Acer kenaicum, Acer kluckingi, Acer knolli, Acer latahense, Acer lincolnense, Acer macginitiei, Acer macrophyllum, Acer macropterum, Acer manchesteri, Acer medianum, Acer megasamarum, Acer meyeri, Acer milleri, Acer minor, Acer minutifolium, Acer minutum, Acer miofranchetii, Acer molallense, Acer momijiyamense, Acer montanense, Acer negundo, Acer negundoides, Acer niklasi, Acer nordenskioeldi, Acer oblongum, Acer oligomedianum, Acer orbum, Acer oregonianum, Acer osmonti, Acer ovipetrinum, Acer palaeorufinerve, Acer palmatoxylum, Acer paucidentatum, Acer paxii, Acer pentapomicum, Acer perditum, Acer pictum, Acer pilosum, Acer pleistocenicum, Acer pohangense, Acer postense, Acer powellense, Acer princetonense, Acer protomiyabei, Acer pseudochrysophylla, Acer republicense, Acer rousei, Acer saccharinum, Acer saccharum, Acer salmonense, Acer saskatchewense, Acer schorni, Acer scottiae, Acer secreta, Acer septilobatum, Acer sinuofluviatilis, Acer smileyi, Acer spicatum, Acer spitzi, Acer stewarti, Acer stockeyae, Acer stonebergae, Acer subpictum, Acer taggarti, Acer taurocursum, Acer tiffneyi, Acer tigilense, Acer tokiensis, Acer toradense, Acer torontoniensis, Acer traini, Acer triloba, Acer trilobatum, Acer tyrellense, Acer villosum, Acer vitifolium, Acer vitiphyllum, Acer washingtonense, Acer watarianum, Acer wehri, Acer whitebirdense

Ecology: "photoautotroph"

Distribution: found only at Vero (Quaternary of Florida)

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