Populus deltoides Marshall 1785 (poplar)

Angiospermae - Malpighiales - Salicaceae

Belongs to Populus according to F. H. Knowlton 1919

Sister taxa: Populus acerifolia, Populus aequalis, Populus alba, Populus alexanderi, Populus amblyrhyncha, Populus arctica, Populus aristolochioides, Populus auriculata, Populus balsamifera, Populus balsamoides, Populus berggreni, Populus bonatii, Populus ciliata, Populus clarkiana, Populus cordata, Populus cordifolia, Populus craspedodroma, Populus crassa, Populus cretacea, Populus cuneata, Populus cyclomorpha, Populus dakotana, Populus daphnogenoides, Populus decipiens, Populus denticulata, Populus douglasae, Populus elliptica, Populus eotremuloides, Populus fairii, Populus flabellum, Populus glandulifera, Populus grandidentata, Populus grewiopsis, Populus harkeriana, Populus hederoides, Populus heteromorpha, Populus hookeri, Populus hyperborea, Populus inaequalis, Populus kansaseana, Populus knightii, Populus laevigata, Populus latidentata, Populus latior, Populus lesquereuxi, Populus leuce, Populus leucophylla, Populus lindgreni, Populus litigiosa, Populus longior, Populus meedsii, Populus melanarioides, Populus microphylla, Populus microtremuloides, Populus mutabilis, Populus nebrascensis, Populus neomexicana, Populus neotremuloides, Populus nervosa, Populus newberryi, Populus nigra, Populus obovata, Populus occidentalis, Populus orbicularis, Populus oxyrhyncha, Populus pliotremuloides, Populus polymorpha, Populus potomacensis, Populus prefremontii, Populus problematica, Populus protozaddachi, Populus pseudocredneria, Populus pseudotremuloides, Populus pyrifolia, Populus rectinervata, Populus rhomboidea, Populus ricei, Populus richardsoni, Populus rotundifolia, Populus russelli, Populus scudderi, Populus simonii, Populus smilacifolia, Populus sonorensis, Populus speciosa, Populus stygia, Populus subrotunda, Populus subwashoensis, Populus tenuinervata, Populus tidwellii, Populus tremula, Populus trichocarpa, Populus trinervis, Populus ungeri, Populus vivaria, Populus wardii, Populus washingtonensis, Populus whitei, Populus xantholithensis, Populus zaddachi, Populus zhenyuanensis

Ecology: "photoautotroph"

Distribution: found only at Pipe Creek Sinkhole ( of Indiana)

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