Subfamily Polycentropodinae Ulmer 1903 (caddisfly)

Insecta - Trichoptera - Polycentropodidae

Alternative spelling: Polycentropinae

Full reference: G. Ulmer. 1903. Über die Metamorphose der Trichopteren 1-154

Parent taxon: Polycentropodidae according to V. D. Ivanov and S. I. Melnitsky 2017

See also Melnitsky and Ivanov 2010, Melnitsky and Ivanov 2016 and Melnitsky and Ivanov 2016

Sister taxa: Cernotina, Electrocentropus, Eoclipsis, Holocentropus, Neucentropus, Neureclipsis, Nyctiophylacodes, Plectrocentropus, Plectrocnemia, Polylongaevus, Styxowia, Tinodes

Subtaxa: Archaeoneureclipsis Archaeopolycentra Derobrochus Electrocyrnus Leptobrochus Litobrochus Mesobrochus Nyctiophylax Paladicella Polycentropus

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Type: Polycentropus



• Quaternary of Canada (1: Ontario collection)

• Eocene of Lithuania (1), Poland (1), the Russian Federation (8), Ukraine (2), United States (3: Colorado)

• Cretaceous of the Russian Federation (2)

Total: 18 collections including 73 occurrences

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