†subfamily Baryonychinae Charig and Milner 1986 (tetanuran)

Reptilia - Saurischia - Spinosauridae

Alternative spelling: Baryonychidae

Full reference: A. J. Charig and A. C. Milner. 1986. Baryonyx, a remarkable new theropod dinosaur. Nature 324(6095):359-361

Parent taxon: Spinosauridae according to M. T. Carrano 2017

See also Allain et al. 2012, Buffetaut 2007, Buffetaut and Ouaja 2002, Carrano et al. 2012, Charig and Milner 1986, Charig and Milner 1990, Charig and Milner 1997, Holtz et al. 2004, Kellner et al. 2011, Milner 1997, Naish and Martill 2007, Rauhut 2003, Sánchez-Hernández et al. 2007, Sereno et al. 1998 and Viera and Torres 1995

Sister taxa: Baryonyx, Irritator, Ostafrikasaurus, Siamosaurus, Sinopliosaurus fusuiensis, Spinosaurinae, Spinosaurus, Suchomimus

Subtaxa: Cristatusaurus Ichthyovenator Suchosaurus

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Type: Baryonyx

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore


• Cretaceous of China (1 collection), Laos (1), Libya (1), Morocco (1), Niger (1), Portugal (1), Spain (20), the United Kingdom (3)

Total: 29 collections each including a single occurrence

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