Opisthocoelicaudia skarzynskii Borsuk-Bialynicka 1977 (saltasaurid)

Reptilia - Saurischia - Titanosauridae

Alternative combination: Opisthocoelus skarzynskii

Full reference: M. Borsuk-Bialynicka. 1977. A new camarasaurid sauropod Opisthocoelicaudia skarzynskii gen. n., sp. n. from the Upper Cretaceous of Mongolia. Palaeontologia Polonica 37:5-64

Belongs to Opisthocoelicaudia according to P. Upchurch et al. 2004

See also Alifanov and Bolotsky 2010, Allain and Aquesbi 2008, Apesteguía 2005, Apesteguía 2005, Barsbold 1997, Borsuk-Bialynicka 1977, Calvo and González Riga 2003, Campos et al. 2005, Casal and Ibiricu 2010, Cau and Madzia 2018, Curry Rogers 2005, D'Emic 2012, Filippi et al. 2011, Franco-Rosas et al. 2004, González Riga et al. 2009, Grellet-Tinner et al. 2011, Kellner et al. 2005, Kellner et al. 2006, Lopes and Buchmann 2008, Maryanska 2000, McIntosh 1990, Mocho et al. 2014, Molnar and Wiffen 2007, Navarrete et al. 2011, Olshevsky 1981, Osmólska 1997, Osmólska 1997, Poropat 2013, Saegusa and Tomida 2011, Salgado and Coria 1993, Salgado et al. 1997, Salgado and Coria 2005, Salgado et al. 2006, Salgado and Coria 2009, Salgado and Martínez 1993, Santucci and Bertini 2003, Santucci and Bertini 2006, Vila et al. 2012, Wilson 2002, You et al. 2004, You et al. 2008 and Zhang et al. 2009

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: ZPal MgD-I/48, a partial skeleton. Its type locality is Altan Ula IV, site 4 [PMPE], which is in a Campanian/Maastrichtian terrestrial conglomerate/sandstone in the Nemegt Formation of Mongolia.

Ecology: ground dwelling herbivore

Distribution: found only at Altan Ula IV, site 4 [PMPE]

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