Bibio Geoffroy 1762 (march fly)

Insecta - Diptera - Bibionidae

Synonyms: Curtisimyia Giebel 1856, Lithobibio Beier 1952, Lithosomyia Carpenter 1986, Mesomyia Pongrácz 1928, Protoberis Cockerell 1915

Full reference: E. L. Geoffroy. 1762. Histoire Abregée des Insectes qui se Trouvent aux Environs de Paris, Tome Second 1-690

Parent taxon: Bibionina according to A. Nel et al. 2019

See also Aldrich 1905, Carpenter 1986, Carpenter 1992, Cockerell 1909, Cockerell 1915, Evenhuis 1994, Fabricius 1775, Fitzgerald 2004, Geoffroy 1762, Hong and Wang 1985, James 1937, Latreille 1796, Latreille 1802, Müller 1776, Nel 1994, Piton 1940, Pongrácz 1931, Schaeffer 1766, Skartveit 2009, Skartveit and Nel 2017, Skartveit and Pika 2014, Statz 1943, Theobald 1937 and Wappler et al. 2014

Sister taxa: none

Subtaxa: Bibio acaptus Bibio aerosus Bibio albangulus Bibio anasiformis Bibio anatolicus Bibio angustatus Bibio antiquus Bibio aquaesextiae Bibio atavus Bibio auripes Bibio aymardi Bibio batheri Bibio baumbergeri Bibio boulayi Bibio brachypodus Bibio brachypteroides Bibio brevis Bibio brunettii Bibio brunneifemus Bibio brunneus Bibio bullatus Bibio capnodes Bibio carnificus Bibio celasensis Bibio cockerelli Bibio colossoceps Bibio comosella Bibio compta Bibio constringtus Bibio contererus Bibio crassinervis Bibio cratopodus Bibio cruciformis Bibio curtisi Bibio curtisii Bibio deflectus Bibio deformatus Bibio deletus Bibio discerptus Bibio disjectus Bibio dislocatus Bibio dormitus Bibio dubius Bibio edda Bibio elegantulus Bibio enormus Bibio enterodelus Bibio excurvatus Bibio eximius Bibio expansus Bibio explanatus Bibio extremus Bibio firmus Bibio flavissimus Bibio formosus Bibio fusiformis Bibio germari Bibio giganteus Bibio gracilis Bibio gurnetensis Bibio heroica Bibio infumatus Bibio jamesi Bibio janus Bibio joursacensis Bibio kochii Bibio latahensis Bibio latiantennatus Bibio lignarius Bibio linearis Bibio lividus Bibio longineurus Bibio maculatus Bibio major Bibio mancus Bibio marginatus Bibio marmoratus Bibio martinsi Bibio medioalbus Bibio mimas Bibio miocenicus Bibio moestus Bibio murchisonis Bibio nebulosus Bibio nigricosta Bibio obliteratus Bibio obsoletus Bibio oeningensis Bibio oligocenus Bibio pannosus Bibio partschii Bibio penisularis Bibio peraffinis Bibio pinguis Bibio podager Bibio praecidus Bibio pulchellus Bibio radobojanus Bibio roehli Bibio rottensis Bibio ruptineurus Bibio sadoensis Bibio sereri Bibio shanwangensis Bibio similis Bibio soldatus Bibio spadicea Bibio spectabilis Bibio sticheli Bibio styriacus Bibio tenebrosus Bibio tenuis Bibio tertiarius Bibio testeus Bibio tranopterus Bibio tripus Bibio udus Bibio varineurus Bibio ventricosus Bibio vetus Bibio vixdus Bibio vulcanius Bibio vulpinus Bibio wickhami Bibio xylophilus

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• Pliocene of Germany (1 collection), Japan (2)

• Miocene of Austria (1), China (5), Croatia (8), the Czech Republic (1), France (3), Germany (8), Iceland (1), Italy (2), Japan (2), Romania (1), Slovenia (1), Turkey (1), United States (3: Alaska, Idaho, Washington)

• Oligocene of France (17), Germany (8), United States (1: Montana)

• Eocene of France (5), Italy (1), the Russian Federation (1), the United Kingdom (2), United States (8: Colorado)

• Paleocene of France (1)

Total: 84 collections including 238 occurrences

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