Subfamily Arctocephalinae Scheffer and Rice 1963 (eared seal)

Mammalia - Carnivora - Otariidae

Alternative spellings: Arctocephalina, Arctocephalini

Full reference: V. B. Scheffer and D. W. Rice. 1963. A list of the marine mammals of the world. United States Fish and Wildlife Service Special Scientific Report - Fisheries 431:1-12

Parent taxon: Otariidae according to M. C. McKenna and S. K. Bell 1997

See also Berta and Deméré 1986, Gray 1871, Mitchell 1968, Muizon 1978, Repenning and Tedford 1977, Riedman 1990 and Scheffer and Rice 1963

Sister taxa: Arctocephalus, Arctophoca, Callorhinae, Callorhinina, Callorhinus, Eotaria, Eumetopias, Eumetopiina, Hydrarctos, Neophoca, Oriensarctos, Otaria, Otaria oudriana, Otariinae, Phocarctos, Pithanotaria, Proterozetes, Thalassoleon, Zalophina, Zalophus

Subtaxa: none

Type: Arctocephalus

Ecology: amphibious piscivore


• Quaternary of United States (1: California collection)

• Pliocene of United States (1: California)

Total: 2 collections each including a single occurrence

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