Family Ophiobyrsidae Matsumoto 1915

Ophiuroidea - Ophiacanthida - Ophiobyrsidae

Alternative spelling: Ophiobyrsinae

Full reference: H. Matsumoto. 1915. A new classification of Ophiuroidea: with description of genera and species. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 67:43-92

Parent taxon: Ophiacanthina according to T. D. O'Hara et al. 2018

See also Jagt 2000, Matsumoto 1915, Smith et al. 1995, Spencer and Wright 1966, Storc 2004 and Storc and Zitt 2008

Sister taxa: Clarkcomidae, Ophiacanthidae, Ophiocamacidae, Ophiodermatina, Ophiopteridae, Ophiotomidae

Subtaxa: Ophiosmilax

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• Cretaceous of Belgium (3 collections), the Czech Republic (5), Denmark (1), Germany (2), Tunisia (1)

Total: 12 collections including 15 occurrences

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