Yoldia (Yoldia) Moeller 1842 (clam)

Bivalvia - Nuculanida - Yoldiidae

Parent taxon: Yoldia according to E. V. Coan et al. 2000

See also Kafanov and Ogasawara 2003 and Moore 1983

Sister taxa: Yoldia (Cnesterium), Yoldia (Kalayoldia), Yoldia (Mirayoldia), Yoldia (Nampiella), Yoldia (Sachalinella), Yoldia blakeleyensis, Yoldia bocasensis, Yoldia clydoniona, Yoldia cooperii, Yoldia cupressensis, Yoldia dowlingi, Yoldia duprei, Yoldia evansi, Yoldia freytagi, Yoldia gala, Yoldia gladenkovi, Yoldia hikoshimensis, Yoldia impressa, Yoldia inaequisculpta, Yoldia kermadecensis, Yoldia kissoumi, Yoldia laevis, Yoldia limatula, Yoldia mater, Yoldia mcconnelli, Yoldia nasuta, Yoldia newcombi, Yoldia nitida, Yoldia olympiana, Yoldia peninsularis, Yoldia pisciformis, Yoldia sagittalia, Yoldia sammamishensis, Yoldia sapotilla, Yoldia scaphoides, Yoldia serica, Yoldia subscitula, Yoldia supramontereyana

Subtaxa: Yoldia (Yoldia) biremis Yoldia (Yoldia) glaberrima Yoldia (Yoldia) hyperborea Yoldia (Yoldia) makarovi Yoldia (Yoldia) myalis Yoldia (Yoldia) rostriformis Yoldia (Yoldia) saitoi Yoldia (Yoldia) similis Yoldia (Yoldia) temblorensis Yoldia (Yoldia) vengeriana

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Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal deposit feeder


• Quaternary of Belgium (1 collection), Canada (2: Newfoundland and Labrador), Greenland (2), Iceland (1), the United Kingdom (5), United States (2: California, Maine)

• Pliocene of Belgium (6), Japan (3), the Russian Federation (2), the United Kingdom (2)

• Miocene of Belgium (8), Denmark (2), Germany (37), India (1), Japan (3), the Netherlands (2), the Russian Federation (16), United States (1: California)

• Oligocene to Miocene of the Russian Federation (2)

• Oligocene of Denmark (4), Hungary (1), the Russian Federation (10), United States (1: Washington)

• Eocene of Japan (2), the Russian Federation (4)

Total: 120 collections including 144 occurrences

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