Architectonica (Stellaxis) Dall 1892 (sundial)

Gastropoda - Architectonicoidea - Architectonicidae

Alternative spelling: Stellaxis

Parent taxon: Architectonica according to R. L. Squires and R. A. Demetrion 1992

See also Rivera 1957, Sepkoski 2002, Squires 1984, Squires 1987, Squires 1988, Turner 1938 and Woodring 1959

Sister taxa: Architectonica (Adelphotectonica), Architectonica (Architectonica), Architectonica (Granosolarium), Architectonica (Solariaxis), Architectonica (Stellaxis) elaborata, Architectonica acuta, Architectonica affinis, Architectonica alabamensis, Architectonica amoena, Architectonica bajaensis, Architectonica bellistriata, Architectonica bieleri, Architectonica blanda, Architectonica carocollata, Architectonica chiraensis, Architectonica cognata, Architectonica compressa, Architectonica dehmi, Architectonica fungina, Architectonica gemma, Architectonica higazii, Architectonica hornii, Architectonica inornata, Architectonica jabonillensis, Architectonica llajasensis, Architectonica lorenzoensis, Architectonica mainwaringi, Architectonica meekana, Architectonica narica, Architectonica nitens, Architectonica nobilis, Architectonica perdix, Architectonica perspectiva, Architectonica saghaensis, Architectonica simiensis, Architectonica sullana, Architectonica tuberculata, Architectonica veatchii, Architectonica weaveri

Subtaxa: Architectonica (Stellaxis) alveatum Architectonica (Stellaxis) gabrielensis Stellaxis bicingulata Stellaxis bistriatus Stellaxis dunkeri Stellaxis oligostriatum Stellaxis ornatoparva

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Ecology: epifaunal carnivore


• Miocene of Indonesia (5 collections)

• Eocene of Colombia (2), Indonesia (1), Mexico (4), Nigeria (9), Panama (2), the United Kingdom (5), United States (44: Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas)

Total: 72 collections each including a single occurrence

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